LPN - Careers in Science communication

December 1, 2021

Interested in engaging the public into Science topics? Hear the sharing of our speakers about their Careers in Science communication:

- Ana Cadete Pires, PharmD, PhD. She created an online platform to communicate science to the general public and empower women scientists.

- Renaud Pourpre, PhD. He co-founded a podcast, The Lonely Pipette, where scientists share tips to help you do better science.

- Sérgio Esperancinha, PhD. Writer in a geoscience opinion column for Público (the largest daily newspaper in Portugal) and science communicator at UNESCO.

- Daimona Kounde, PhD. Daimona has been involved in Science Communications for many years, first at the Physiologycal Society and more recently at Cancer Research UK.

LPN Forum Biotechno - Ask The Recruiter event

14th of September, 2021

This event aimed at providing tips and directions to postdocs and young researchers directly from recruiters on how to best apply to jobs in the private sector when coming from an academic position.

We heared from:

- Matthew A Thornton, Head of Talent Acquisition Lead UK & Ireland at Merck;

- Gautier Lavigne, Scientific recruiter at Science me up, a Scientific Recruitment Agency in France;

- Pedro Resende, Co-founder and Director of Chaperone, an online career development platform for scientists in Portugal.

LPN - Founding a startup - tips and considerations

June 15, 2021

We invited four scientists who have started their own company(ies) to discuss the role of startup founders. They shared with us their own experiences, tips and considerations. If you missed the event, don’t worry, you can watch here the presentations from our talented speakers recorded for you.

We heared from:

- Pedro Correa de Sampaio, PhD Co-founder & CEO, Neobe Therapeutics Founding Analyst, Deep Science Ventures

- Łukasz Kidziński, PhD Cofounder, Saliency.ai (now sold) Cofounder, DeepArt UG

- Nimalan Thavandiran, PhD Cofounder & CEO, Benchomatic Inc.

- Rodrigo Mazorra Blanco, PhD Cofounder & CEO, Refinery Tech Cofounder & CFO, Applied Behaviour Systems Ltd.

LPN - Science and Policy

Feb 23, 2021

This time, we discussed the role of scientists in policy making, by talking to two scientists who work closely to governments and that shared their own experiences in this field, together with career insights.

We heared from:

- Ben Bleasdale, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor at Wellcome Trust

- Dr Cristiana Vagnoni, Biological Sciences and Health Adviser at POST, UK Parliament

- Dr Sweta Raghavan, scientist, entrepreneur and social activist.

- Dr. Cristiana Vagnoni has shared with us some amazing resources on the theme. A super thank you to her and to all the speakers for making this great event!

Check the resources that Dr.Cristiana Vagnoni has shared with us!


LPN - Expert tips for publishing

Nov 5, 2020

Not sure how and where to get your next paper published? Wondering how editors decide whether to accept your manuscript? If you are looking for more clarity on the publication process, this LPN event is for you. On 5th November at 6pm, the LPN hosted a ‘Tips for publishing’ event where experts working in the editorial sector from renowned scientific journals shared their tips to navigate the publication process and answered all your burning questions.

We heared from:

- Ines Alvarez-Garcia (Senior Editor and Section Manager at PLOS Biology),

- Safia Danovi (Associate Editor at Nature Genetics) (not recorded),

- Elena Vicario (Research Integrity Manager at Frontiers). If you missed the event, don’t worry, here is the presentations from our talented speakers recorded for you.

LPN - Young PI feedback Event

July 16, 2020

The London Postdoc Network (LPN) is happy to celebrate our second success of our "Young PI feedback Event". We are extremelly lucky that 5 talented young PIs who recently started their lab in the UK and Germany have accepted to share their experience on getting their position and starting their labs! Thank you everyone for attending! If you missed the event, don’t worry, here is the presentations from our talented speakers recorded for you.

LPN - Afterwork Networking Event

Jun 11, 2020

The London Postdoc Network (LPN) is proud to present it first event "Careers in Industry" co-organised with the London Biopharma Network. We had over 100 people tune in from all over the world, to hear from our fantastic speakers. It was a HUGE success! We would like to thank the speakers who gave up their time to share their valuable experience and advice with us! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Thank you everyone for attending! If you missed the event, don’t worry, here is the presentations from our talented speakers recorded for you.

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