LPN - Afterwork Networking Event

Jun 11, 2020

The London Postdoc Network (LPN) is proud to present it first event "Careers in Industry" co-organised with the London Biopharma Network. We had over 100 people tune in from all over the world, to hear from our fantastic speakers. It was a HUGE success! We would like to thank the speakers who gave up their time to share their valuable experience and advice with us! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Thank you everyone for attending! If you missed the event, don’t worry, here is the presentations from our talented speakers recorded for you.

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A Little About Us

Providing postdocs in Greater London with access to career development opportunities.

A study by the University of Texas at Austin showed that only 13% of postdocs felt that they were flourishing in their roles1. This is not a situation specific to Texas academic institutions. It is specific to academia in general. And it is not acceptable.

Regardless of the next steps the postdoc chooses to take post completion of his/her project – whether in academia or out of it – the absence of career development support manifests in various ways. Examples range from successful junior PIs complaining that they have not had any experience in running labs and managing people, to postdocs struggling to land competitive jobs out of academia as they are unable to demonstrate sufficient technical knowledge out of the nuanced scientific question they investigated, or appropriate levels of maturity in managerial skills. These can result in situations such as junior PIs losing time and resources and possibly derailing the path of talented potential scientists due to poor management, or highly trained postdoctoral researchers being forced to take up jobs that are well beneath the level where they should be hired as employers are unconvinced that their training has appropriately prepared them for roles that may require demonstrable leadership qualities among other skills.

The goal of this initiative is to develop a network formed with the aim of ensuring career development of postdoctoral trainees across London.

Meet The Team

Bring the force together

Mukul Tewary, PhDPresident

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral fellow

Léa R’Bibo, PhDVice President

Research Associate, Kings College London

Clarisse Ganier, PhDVice President

Research Associate, Kings College London

Jean-Francois Darrigrand, PhDDirector, KCL

Research Associate, Kings College London

Yeung-Yeung Leung, PhDDirector,UCL and Technology

Research Associate, University College London

Minerva Bosch Fortea, PhD Director, QMUL

Research Associate, Queen Mary University of London

Claudia Gerri, PhDDirector, Crick

Postdoctoral Researcher, Francis Crick Institute

Oli Culley, PhDDirector, QMUL

Research Associate, Queen Mary University of London